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  • Laboratory Names Equipments

    Civil Engineering Laboratory I

    Blaine’s Air Permeability apparatus, Vicat aparatus with Plunger & Needle, Compressive Strength Test Machine, Le-Chatilier apparatus, Pycnometer apparatus, Impact Value Testing Machine, Los Angeles apparatus, Compacting Factor Test apparatus, Compressive Strength Test for Cube Mould, Thickness Gauge, Length Gauge, Lathe,Drilling M/C, Shaping M/C,Welding Transfomer, Gas Cutting Tools, Grinding,Vices,Moulding etc.

    Civil Engineering Laboratory II

    Softening Point Testing apparatus, Bitumen Penetration Testing Machine, Ductility Testing apparatus

    Civil Engineering Laboratory III

    Universal Testing Machine, Flexure Testing Machine, Abrasion Testing Machine, Apparatus for determination of co-efficient of friction, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Brinnel Hardness Testing Machine, Apparartus for determination of pressure & pressure head by Piezometer, Apparatus for determination of co-efficient of discharge by Rectangular & Triangular Notch, Pitot Tube, Current Meter, Orifice Meter, Apparatus for study of model of Centrifugal Pump & Reciprocating Pump

    Civil Engineering Laboratory IV

    Digital Turbidity Meter, Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, BOD Incubator, Water Hardness Measurement kit, Residual Chlorine Test kit, PIEZOMETER, U-TUBE MNOMETER, VENTURIMETR, ORIFICE METER, TRIANGULAR NOTCH, REYNOLDS APPARATUS,

    Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

    Hot Oven, Casa Grande Apparatus, Direct Shear Testing Machine, Triaxial Testing Machine, Proctor Mould, Status Hammer, Weighing machine, Pycrometer, Core Cutter, Dolly, Rammer, DIRECT SHEAR BOX, TRIAXIAL SHEAR TEST, CONSOLIDATIO METER, PROCTAV TEST APPARATUS, ARSENIC CONTENT

    Field Survey Practice Laboratory

    Autolevel, Levelling Staff, Theodolite, Plane Table with Stand, Telescopic Alidade, Trough Compass, Prismatic Compass, Optical Square, Ranging Rod, Offset Rod, SURVEY CHAIN 3D METERS, TAPE, RANGING RODS, OPTICAL SQUARE, OFFSET ROD, THEODOLITE, COMPASS WITH STA

    Physics Laboratory

    Measurement of specific gravity, Refractive index of glass, Resistance of wire by PD Box and Meter Bridge, Youngs modulus of steel by Searl’s method, Forward Bias characteristics curve of P-N junction diode, Velocity of sound by resonance air column method, PO BOX, GALVANOMETER, DC POWER SUPPLY, METRE BRIDGE, JOCKEY, AMMETRE, VOLAMETER, SCREW GAUGE, RUBBER

    Chemistry Laboratory

    Digital Balance, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Volumetric Titration, Hardness of water, Arsenic Testing apparatus

    Engineering Mechanical Workshop

    MIG Welding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, Electric Arc Welding Machine, Oxy-Acetylene Gas welding, HPSM Stroke Shaping Machine, HPSM Wheel Cap Grinding Machine, HPSM Radial Drilling Machine, Semi Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine



    Computer Laboratory

    MS-Office, C Compiler


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